What is the reason why the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil filter rises rapidly?


According to the material and structure of the filter element, oil filters can be divided into mesh type, line gap type, paper filter element type, sintered type oil filter and magnetic oil filter. According to the different positions of the oil filter, it can be divided into suction filter type, filter press type and oil return type filter. Considering the self-priming performance of the pump, the oil suction filter is mostly a coarse filter.

(1) Clean oil filter

This is a net-type oil filter. Its filter element is made of copper mesh, and one or two layers of copper mesh are wrapped on a plastic or metal cylindrical skeleton, and there are many small holes around the skeleton. The filtering accuracy depends on the number of layers of the copper mesh and the size of the mesh. This kind of oil filter has simple structure, large flow rate, convenient cleaning, but low filtering accuracy, and is generally used for the suction port of hydraulic pump.

clean oil filter

(2) Line gap oil filter

Line gap type oil filter is made of steel wire or aluminum wire tightly wound on the outside of the cylindrical frame to form a filter element, and the impurities contained in the liquid are filtered out through the tiny gap between the copper wires. Its structure is simple, the flow rate is large, and the filtering accuracy is higher than that of the mesh oil filter, but it is not easy to clean, and most of them are oil return oil filters.

There are some unreasonable places in the design of hydraulic system. Although the probability of this reason is relatively small, it cannot be ruled out. For example, some pipe diameters in hydraulic pipelines are too small, some pipe joints are blocked by poor oil flow, and some pipe bending radii are too small.

Valve hole opening too small. If it is determined that this is the reason, the valve with large opening degree should be used according to the demand.

Opening pressure of safety valve, speed limit valve, reducing valve, etc. If it is too high, the opening pressure of the above valves should be readjusted according to the specified value.

In the process of oil filtration, when the water content of turbine oil is too high, a large amount of oil foam will be produced in the vacuum tank. At this time, open the air valve, reduce the vacuum, and keep the oil in the observation hole below the center of the observation hole. During normal operation, you can adjust the vacuum operation, but pay attention to observe whether the oil level in the vacuum tank is lower than the center hole. The working temperature of the vacuum pump must not exceed 75 degrees.

Keywords: What is the reason why the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil filter rises rapidly?