On-load switch online oil filter

Summary:DZX intelligent on-load separation switch on-line oil filter device adopts PLC(Programmable Logic Control) control technology, which is mainly used for bypass circulation filtration of insulating oil of on-load tap-changer in 35KV ~ 500KV transformer.


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Applicable oil: on-load tap-changer insulating oil

Body material: 304 stainless steel

Working principle: step by step filtration, adsorption water removal


  Product use:

1. DZX intelligent on-load separation switch on-line oil filter device adopts PLC(Programmable Logic Control) control technology, which is mainly used for bypass circulation filtration of insulating oil of on-load tap-changer in 35KV ~ 500KV transformer.

2. The on-load tap-changer on-line oil filtering device is used together with the tap-changer, which can effectively remove the free carbon, metal particles, impurities and other particulate substances of the insulating oil in the tap-changer under the normal operation of the transformer, and can adsorb a large amount of organic acids and reduce trace moisture, effectively reducing the content of free carbon, metal particles, impurities, organic acids and moisture contained in the insulating oil in the tap-changer, improve the breakdown voltage and service life of the insulating oil, make the insulating oil in the tap changer basically meet or approach the standard of the new insulating oil, and improve the safety and reliability of the on-load tap changer, increasing the number of tap-changer actions is of great significance and role in reducing the number of power outages, extending the equipment maintenance cycle, improving the quality of power supply, realizing the condition-based maintenance of equipment, improving the safe operation level of the power grid, reducing the waste of resources and environmental pollution, and improving the economic efficiency and management level of enterprises.

  Product technical features:

1. Integral oil circuit: all components are embedded in the CNC molding integral precision oil circuit. The structure is compact, there is no pipe connection inside, which reduces the sealing parts, and all the main sealing parts are equipped with two seals. The stainless steel flanged hose is directly connected with the oil inlet and outlet flange of the on-load tap-changer of the transformer, which is convenient and reliable.

2. High-precision three-stage separation and filtration: three-stage separation and filtration is designed. The former stage adopts 1µm filter element to remove metal particulate impurities such as free carbon. The latter stage filter element is built with high-performance active adsorption materials to remove water, organic acids and other substances, thus maintaining good pressure resistance characteristics of insulating oil.

3. Full digital control: high-performance embedded dedicated digital controller. Control algorithm, strong electromagnetic interference design, stable and reliable operation.

4. Simple and intuitive man-machine interface: LCD display, Chinese menu, convenient common function keys, friendly man-machine dialogue, intuitive and easy to understand interface, no memory, simple operation.

5. Multiple protection of circuit overflow and pressure detection: the system is equipped with overflow valve and pressure detection and pressure limit function; when the outlet pressure is higher than the opening pressure of the overflow valve, the oil circulates through the overflow valve. If the overflow valve fails, the pressure detection can also stop the motor and protect the system. A pressure sensor is installed in the oil suction of the pump to prevent the motor from starting when the oil inlet valve is not opened and damaging the oil pump.

6. Intelligent temperature and humidity control: when the temperature is lower than or higher than the set value (suitable temperature setting 0~40 ℃), the system automatically heats or dissipates heat to ensure that the system reliably filters oil in various temperature and humidity environments with harsh environments, Realize the working mode of all-weather unattended monitoring.

7. On-line gas bleeding: During equipment inspection, the inspection personnel directly discharge all the gas in the tap changer through the on-line gas bleeding mechanism of the oil filter system itself.

8. On-line oil replenishment technology: when the long-term working oil level of the on-load switch drops, the qualified insulating oil of the same type can be replenished into the on-load tap-changer body through the oil injection mechanism of the filter oil system itself.

9. Remote monitoring technology: with RS485;Can_Bus;Ethernet;profiled_Bus and other bus modes, equipped with remote monitoring software, can communicate with the automatic protection system, realize unmanned monitoring automatic work, receive the upper computer signal of the equipment control system, filter the insulating oil, and the staff can monitor the operating state of the system at the remote end, such as the total number of on-load switch actions; maintenance alarm contents such as oil filtering times, oil filtering time, prompt for replacing filter element, phase sequence error, etc.

10. Window observation function: The system is designed with a window before and after oil filtration. Patrol inspectors can observe the quality of oil before and after oil filtration through the window while inspecting equipment.

11. Power supply phase sequence and voltage detection locking protection function: when the power supply phase sequence is wrong and the voltage is higher or lower than U = 380V (increase or decrease by 10%), the system will automatically lock and the motor will stop running.

12. Automatic alarm self-locking function: with self-diagnosis and maintenance alarm function. When the alarm display appears, the system automatically locks and cannot start, and automatically returns to normal after the fault is eliminated. If the filter element is blocked, the staff must clean or replace it in time before starting the system to filter oil.

13. Power-off save memory function: power-off, set parameters and operating data can be automatically saved and memory.

  Technical parameters picture: for reference only, subject to the actual transmission of technical data parameters.


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