Oil filter trolley

Summary:Product features: 1 with small and efficient, easy to move, especially suitable for outdoor operations.


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Product Number: LUC Series

  Product features:

1. It has the characteristics of small, efficient and easy to move, especially suitable for outdoor operations.

2. The design of this machine is simple, no filter paper is needed, and the filter elements at all levels can be used after repeated flushing. It is more convenient to use than CCJL oil filter and has better effect. CCJL type oil filter need to constantly replace the filter paper, the procedure is more cumbersome.

3. According to customer requirements, can be designed and manufactured into 1~6 level filtration, filtration accuracy can reach ≤ 0.8 µm.

4. Using titanium, nickel, monel alloy trapezoidal sintering filter equipment, high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, uniform filter hole, long service life.

5. It can effectively filter out the impurities in the oil, and also has the function of refueling and pumping.

6. High viscosity grease greater than 320 can be effectively filtered through a special process.

  User-selectable configuration:

1. The motor and electrical oil pump can be imported according to the needs.

2. The flowmeter can be installed according to user requirements.

3. Explosion-proof products can be customized according to the field environment.


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