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TYG-150 high viscosity oil vacuum oil filter

TYG-150 high viscosity oil vacuum oil filter

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First, the equipment model

product name Specification model flow(L/min) unit Quantity Remarks
High viscosity oil vacuum oil filter (double oil pump) TYG-150 150 Taiwan 1 Standard, ready to do, moveable


1、Working vacuum:-0.06~-0.095Mpa;
2、Ultimate vacuum:133pa   
3、Working pressure:≤0.6Mpa;
4、Constant temperature control range:20~80℃(Adjustable);
5、Electric heating power:70KW;
6、Total power:78KW;
7、power supply:380V/50HZ
8、Import and export pipe diameter:Ф48;
9、equipment weight:1050kg;
10、Dimensions: 1800mm × 1200mm× 1900 mm;
11、Continuous working time:2000h
12、Trouble free working time:8000h


Second, the oil products have been filtered to the following standards

1、Water content in oil:≤50PPM;
2、Containing mechanical impurities:no(National standardGB/T511);
4、Emulsification value: new oil ≤ 15min; running oil ≤ 30min;
5、Filtration accuracy: ≤ 5μm.
6、Gas content in oil: ≤0.1%


Serial number Main component name Quantity Brand and origin Remarks
1 Vacuum system Vacuum pump 1 set      Shanghai Jiuxin Premium brand
2 Oil delivery system Pump 2 sets Hebei Botou Pump Industry Premium brand
3 Motor Vacuum pump motor 1 set Shanghai Electric Group Premium brand
    Oil pump motor 2 sets Shanghai Emblem Premium brand
4 filtering system Primary filter 1 set Sichuan Bao Filter stainless steel
    Secondary coalescing filter 1 set Sichuan Bao Filter Nanomolecule
Coalescence flocculation filter
    Fine filter 1 set Sichuan Bao Filter Titanium alloy trapezoidal filter
5 Demulsification Dewatering filter 1 set Sichuan Bao Filter Polymer
Dehydration system Oil-water separation material
    Water tank 1 item Sichuan Bao Filter  
6 Three-dimensional short-range thin film evaporation system Short-range thin film evaporator 1 set Introducing German technology  

Third, TYG series high viscosity oil special oil filter configuration table

Fourth, spare parts list

Serial number Name Quantity Delivery date
1 PVC steel wire hose 10 m Simultaneous delivery with equipment
2 Fastening card 4  
4 Pipe seal 1 set  
5 adjustable wrench 1  
6 Level gauge 1  
7 Vacuum pump accessories 1  
8 Stainless steel filter 1  
9 user's Guide 1  
10 Certificate 1  
11 Warranty Card 1 Five years warranty

1. Introduced a nano-organic natural polymer material imported from Japan to form a flocculation filter element, which can effectively remove free carbon and iron Fe2+, cadmium Cd2+, manganese Mn2+, mercury Hg2+, lead Pb2+, nickel Ni2+, zinc Zn2+, chromium Cr6+, etc. Heavy metal ions can effectively resist the inhibition of the emulsification of the surfactant by the addition of the surfactant in the oil.Five, TYG series high viscosity oil vacuum filter performance characteristics

2. Using Germany imported polymer creased coalescence PM material to break the emulsification, quickly and completely decompose the water in the emulsified oil.

3. Use the double-pressure micro-gram technology to completely remove trace water such as solution water in the oil to avoid repeated emulsification.

4. The Japanese low-temperature double-pressure flash-vapor three-dimensional technology is used to quickly separate the moisture and gas in the oil to make the degassing and dehydration efficiency high. The water content in the oil after treatment is ≤80PPm, and the gas content is ≤0.1%. service.

5. Titanium, nickel, Monel alloy trapezoidal sintered filters for continuous operation and automated operation of the filtration system.

6. The application of frequency conversion far-infrared heating technology ensures that the oil temperature is increased rapidly and the heat is evenly distributed, and the carbonization of the oil will never cause secondary damage to the oil.

7. The capillary electrostatic screen defoaming system realizes the gas-liquid separation of the oil foam under negative pressure, which effectively ensures the service life of the equipment and can effectively increase the gas content in the oil to reach ≤0.08%.

8. The automatic backwashing system automatically realizes backwashing according to the principle of pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. It is equipped with a trapezoidal sintered filter. It eliminates the complicated locking procedure of manual cleaning of impurities and greatly improves the performance and service life of the equipment.

9. The new generation ultrasonic double oil level control system automatically scans and detects the oil level height, and cooperates with the host electric control system to realize the separation of human and machine. No one can monitor and run online continuously for more than 8 working days.

10. This machine adopts the three-in-one heat pipe exchange condensation technology combining medium condensation, air cooling and water cooling, which overcomes the difficulty of the vacuum oil emulsification caused by the general oil filter machine not completely cooling the water vapor, and the vacuum degree cannot guarantee the oil treatment effect.

11. This machine can adopt PLC programming and electronic touch screen touch design. The computer CPU sends control commands to the system main control chip through the I2C bus and automatically controls the oil filter system to realize automatic programming control without manual guard. (This item is selected by the customer).

12. 12, the whole machine can be fully explosion-proof design, the protection level is above IP55, the general explosion-proof area, the explosion-proof grade is ExdiaIIBT4; the hydrocracking workshop, the explosion-proof grade is ExdeibIICT4. (Configure according to customer choice).

13. The whole oil circuit system and key components are all surface phosphating, thus achieving good anti-corrosion effect. Ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Sixth, TYG series oil filter product technical advantages

1. Unique nano-organic molecular flocculation technology and fusion of assembly and separation demulsification technology

The high-viscosity vacuum oil filter has the ability to handle unqualified oil products mainly in three aspects: First, it is aimed at the emulsification ability of emulsified oil products. If it is not emulsified well, the machine will not be dehydrated at all; In view of the separation ability of various free substances in oil products, industrial oils cause oil quality deterioration, carbonization, and blending with various metal ions in mechanical equipment during the working process, resulting in oil products. A large amount of free heavy metals such as C, Fe2+, cadmium Cd2+, manganese Mn2+, mercury Hg2+, lead Pb2+, nickel Ni2+, zinc Zn2+, and chromium Cr6+ are suspended in the medium. If these harmful substances cannot be effectively separated, the oil used for lubrication The life of the product is quite short after being put into use, and the oil grade used for insulation is easy to reduce and cause secondary damage. In addition, the oil filter's ability to handle unqualified oil is also reflected in the work. Efficiency.

At present, the high-viscosity vacuum oil filter produced by most domestic manufacturers uses traditional glass fiber in the demulsifying technology or adds a emulsifier to the oil. There are two defects in the method of adding a emulsifier to the oil: First, it will cause damage to the oil quality, and second, emulsification will occur soon after the use of the emulsifier. Although the glass fiber cotton can be effectively emulsified, the demulsification filter of this type is easy to be squashed after being in contact with water, and the use time is short and easy to block, and the filter element needs to be replaced frequently.

Our company uses German imported polymer wrinkled coalescence PM material to break the emulsification. It is a polymer material containing a large number of active free-body molecules. This free-body molecule can directly enter the emulsified oil and cut the molecular chain of the emulsified oil. The oil molecule and the water molecule are completely separated, and the emulsification problem of the oil liquid is conveniently solved, the oil quality is not damaged, and the oil can be repeatedly used without adding any consumables.

However, the coalesced PM material can only play the role of emulsification and water separation, and can not separate the free carbon and other heavy metal substances in the oil. For this reason, we introduce the Japanese nano organic natural material fusion coalescence PM material to make agglomerated flocculation. Filter element, nano-organic natural polymer material is a solid chelating resin, which can be combined with free carbon C, iron Fe2+, cadmium Cd2+, manganese Mn2+, mercury Hg2+, lead Pb2+, nickel Ni2+, zinc Zn2+, chromium Cr6+ in industrial oils. A variety of heavy metal ions react rapidly to form an insoluble chelating salt and form a flocculent precipitate, thereby achieving the purpose of removing free substances, and eliminating odor of waste oil, as well as certain decolorization and removal of harmful substances.

In addition, the emulsification of the coalesced PM material can achieve a water removal rate of up to 2.1 L/min and reach a total water index with a water content of ≤100 ppm. However, some surfactants in oil additives will inhibit the aggregation process, which will cause the coalescence efficiency to be evoked, and the fusion of nano-organic materials can effectively resist the inhibition of the emulsification of surfactants in oil additives. . It can increase the water removal rate of the assembly by 15%-20%, and make the total water index with water content ≤50PPm.

2, titanium, nickel, Monel alloy trapezoidal sintering filter and automatic backwash system perfect combination

One of the main functions of the oil filter is to filter the mechanical impurities. Commonly used oil filter machines generally use pure mesh filtration, that is, various filter elements made of various filter screens or filter cloths and filter papers. The filter elements use the pore size of the net to filter out impurities. This makes the impurities larger than the pore size can be effectively filtered, but it can not be solved by the fine impurities smaller than the pore size. If the pore size of the filter element is too small (generally less than 5μm), the oil cannot pass. At present, the best filter element in China can only be controlled. SS3 ≥ 200. More importantly, ordinary mesh filter elements have low corrosion resistance, poor mechanical strength, uneven filter holes, and high temperature susceptance due to limitations in materials and manufacturing processes. Short-lived, difficult to clean and other defects. In recent years, it has been proposed to use special molecular materials to make filter elements to filter impurities by the principle of electron adsorption of their materials. However, this method only has a certain effect on the metal impurities in the oil containing negative electro-hydrazine, but in the waste oil. A large amount of gelling impurities has no effect. Moreover, due to the powerful vacuum suction of the oil filter and the powerful power of the oil pump, in fact, the application of the principle of electron adsorption to filter impurities can only be regarded as a concept, but can not achieve practical application effects.

In order to overcome the above difficulties, our company uses titanium-nickel monel alloy to form a sintered filter core through trapezoidal filter hole through the international leading sintering process. The filter element is characterized by high filtration accuracy of ≤1μm, stable filtration precision and no oil temperature. And the pressure influence causes the filter hole to be deformed. The oil sample is tested at any time with the same high precision and corrosion resistance. It can be cleaned with 5%-10% sulfuric acid and alkaline liquid, and has a long service life. It does not need to change the filter element for life.

the biggest advantage of trapezoidal sintering filtration of titanium, nickel and Monel is that the filter hole adopts the trapezoidal hole design, which is especially suitable for backwashing. When the company is applied to the design of the oil filter machine, according to the principle of the oil pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filtration system, the system passes the system. Automatic control of the main control, automatic backwashing in time, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual folding machine cleaning.

1. Double vacuum vacuum microgram technology

The ordinary vacuum oil filter adopts three-dimensional three-dimensional flashing, and the liquid water in the oil is removed by the vacuum of the heated liquid in the vacuum tank. This method does have a certain dehydration effect on oils containing a large amount of liquid water, but we know that the water present in the oil has a small amount of micro water in addition to a large amount of liquid water (H2O), ie dissolved water, free. Water and saturated water, although the proportion of such micro-water in the oil is not large, if it is not effectively removed, the treated oil will be re-emulsified after a certain period of time. To overcome this problem, we introduced vacuum microgram technology.

Vacuum microgram technology originated in Japan, and was first applied to the purification of trace water and gas in medical injection liquids. Our company introduced a modified, negative vacuum vacuum micro-gram technology for oil treatment systems including two systems of compression low temperature atomization and double vacuum evaporation.

1 Compression type low temperature atomization system

The compression type low-temperature atomization system is a molecular structure characteristic of applying micro-water. By means of oil temperature, the oil is controlled by a special vacuum atomizing element to make the movement of the micro-water molecules at the instant of atomization ejection up to the speed of light. 80% of the speed is fission separated from the oil. The molecular structure of micro-water is special, and the molecular chain is very short. For example, a hydrogen peroxide is composed of two oxygen molecules and two hydrogen molecules, while liquid water is composed of one oxygen molecule and two hydrogen molecules. Its molecular chain is twice as long as the molecular chain of saturated water. We know that the shorter the molecular chain, the better its stability. This difference in molecular structure makes micro water extremely stable. Through the difference of micro-water and petroleum molecular chain structure, the original motion law of micro-water molecules is broken, so as to achieve the purpose of separating micro-water.

2 compound negative pressure flash system

The compound negative pressure flashing system is a new generation of flashing technology developed on the basis of the original double-dimensional three-dimensional flashing system. The original double-dimensional three-dimensional flashing steaming is actually a double-filled vacuum distillation method to remove water. The result is that the vacuum filling is required to be large enough and the oil temperature needs to be added above 85 ̊C, due to the limitation of vacuum capacity and the hydrophilicity caused by the excessive oil temperature, so that the filtered oil is returned to the oil storage tank. Maintained in a wet saturated state, the total water index is maintained at a level of 100 to 120 ppm, which does not meet the oil requirements for demanding equipment.

In view of the above technical difficulties, we adopt the complex negative pressure flash technology introduced from Germany, which is to double the negative pressure value in the vacuum body through the complex negative pressure system on the basis of the original vacuum negative pressure limit. The vacuum pump is used to form a vacuum of 28mm to 32mm mercury column in the dispersion chamber, and combined with the separation of water molecules by our compression atomization system, the micro water total water index can be processed to ≤80PPM (insulating oil ≤5PPM).

2, capillary electrostatic wire mesh defoaming system

The elimination of oil mist foam by the oil filter vacuum system is a major technical problem in the domestic fluid purification industry. Under the action of temperature and vacuum negative pressure, the oil generates a large amount of mist and enters the vacuum unit with the gas, causing serious pollution. Vacuum pump oil, and the acid component of the oil in the oil will corrode the key components of the vacuum system, which is the root cause of many domestic oil filter machines need to maintain the vacuum system frequently.

Our company adopts a new generation of capillary electrostatic screen defoaming technology. Capillary electrostatic wire mesh defoamer is a special top-loading oil foam defoaming system independently developed by our company according to the national standard: HG/T21618-1998 standard. The system mainly adopts the international leading DMC (abbreviation of Bulk (Dough) molding compounds), which is a special gas-liquid filter made of electrostatic materials and non-metallic capillary fiber tubular materials. Using the principle of electrostatic decomposition and the gravity of oil droplets, the droplets form larger droplets and automatically fall back into the oil, effectively solving the stimuli of the formation of the mist on the service life of the equipment. The system can effectively capture the fog with particle size ≥3~5um, the capture efficiency is as high as 98%-99.8%, and the pressure drop of gas through the demister can be ≤80-250Pa, which is beneficial to improve the equipment. Productivity. It can make the oil content of the filtered oil index reach ≤0.08% and the acetylene content is 0.

3, frequency conversion far infrared heating technology

In the process of filtering oil and fat products, the oil filter usually needs to be preheated to improve the fluidity of the oil. The traditional oil filter generally uses AC220V (380V)/50Hz alternating current to directly pass electric heating. The tube heats the oil, although this method can improve the fluidity of the oil, but because the surface temperature of the electric heating tube is too high (≥750 ° C), the oil is often severely carbonized, and a large amount of acetylene gas is generated after filtration. The oil simply cannot meet the national test indicators.

In recent years, a small number of domestic oil filter enterprises have switched to far-infrared carbon heating tubes, applying the heat radiation effect of a layer of far-infrared carbon fiber material coated on the surface of the heating tube to disperse the heat of the surface of the heating tube at a certain infrared wavelength. To a lesser extent, the effect of oil carbonization is reduced. Therefore, it has been welcomed by many users in recent years. However, since the AC voltage frequency is 50 Hz and the period is 0.02 S, the effect of infrared radiation heating can be limited. The temperature around the heating tube can only be reduced from about 750 ° C to about 350 ° C. When the flow rate of the filter element in the oil filter pipe is less than the rated value, the high temperature of 350 °C will directly act on the surface of the oil, which will also seriously damage the oil.

Our company adopts the frequency conversion far-infrared heating system with independent intellectual property rights. The system cites the principle of variable frequency heating for de-condensing wax in the most advanced oil exploitation technology in China, and integrates far-infrared heating technology to detect oil filtration system. The oil flow rate in the inner oil filter pipe automatically tracks and controls the AC-DC-AC inverter frequency (40-100 Hz) and the duty ratio, thereby achieving the purpose of automatically adjusting the far-infrared heat radiation wavelength, so that the oil heating can be automatically based on The flow rate adjusts the range of thermal radiation and the heating power to ensure that the oil temperature rises rapidly and is evenly heated, and the secondary damage is not caused by carbonization of the oil, which effectively ensures the filtration quality and efficiency of the oil.

4. The precise ultrasonic oil level control system replaces the immature infrared control system.

The purpose of the oil level control of the oil filter is to avoid running oil (ie all oil is pumped from the cooling system). For this reason, the major oil filter manufacturers have designed different control methods. In general, they have experienced three generations of technical breakthroughs. The earliest oil filter machine has no oil level control, and it is completely controlled by the manual adjustment of the exhaust valve to change the oil inlet speed. Oil balance, of course, people can not leave; the first technical breakthrough after the use of floating ball valve mechanical control, but the sensitivity is poor, especially when the vacuum filter oil filter is easy to appear when the foam does not correctly reflect the oil level Accuracy, at the same time, the float valve is easily immersed in acid oil for a long time and is difficult to repair. The second generation of technical breakthrough is the use of dual infrared liquid level control, which collects signals through the upper and lower infrared light. This control method has high sensitivity, but it is detected by optical signals and is susceptible to external

Seven, oil processing schematic


Eight, product physical map

Nine, after-sales service commitment

1. Our company provides all technical drawings and materials for the equipment purchased by the customer free of charge.

2. Our company provides customers with the best oil treatment solutions according to customer needs, custom design, custom production, and provide customers with good performance products.

3, my company's product warranty for 5 years, service exceeds the national three guarantees standard. Free for the user training operators.

4. Our company adheres to the principle of “Responsiveness” for customers, and responds to customer service requirements within 2 hours and arrives at the scene within 24 hours.

5. Our company implements lifetime comprehensive technical support, including system upgrade, equipment improvement, maintenance and repair, technical consultation and other tasks.

6. Our company guarantees that the equipment provided by the company has perfect processing technology, perfect testing means and good equipment performance.

7. Our company guarantees that the equipment has a service life of not less than 10 years under the conditions of correct installation, normal use and maintenance, and has satisfactory performance within its service life.

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