Hydraulic oil vacuum oil filter has these technical operation attention


The precautions in the operation of the oil filter are as follows:

1. When starting the oil filter, the pump cannot be reversed to prevent the suction pump shaft seal from bursting and inhaling air.

2. The oil filter should open the exhaust valve in time when inhaling air, and close the exhaust valve in time after discharging clean air.

3. During the oil absorption process, the sound of the pump becomes louder and the oil absorption is not smooth. Please consider whether the coarse filter screen before the pump is blocked, and take it out in time after cleaning.

4. After the oil filter is used to a certain extent, the filter element will scale, the pressure difference will increase, and the filtering capacity will decrease. When the pressure difference reaches 035 Mpa, the filter element needs to be replaced.

5. If there is a problem with the operation of the oil filter or the filtering effect is not as good as the ideal effect, please contact the manufacturer in time for adjustment.

When purifying contaminated oil, the temperature must be controlled below 70 degrees. If the oil temperature is too high, you can shut down or use cooling water directly.

  Vacuum oil filterThe working principle is as follows:

The atomized oil was dehydrated and degassed in a vacuum. Three sets of filters can remove all kinds of fine solid impurities, and special regeneration adsorbent can remove chemical residues in oil. The vacuum oil filter is composed of heating, filtering, vacuum, condensation, adsorption and regeneration. Subsystems: heating system, filtration system, vacuum atomization system, oil supply system and electrical control system. According to the different requirements of the manufacturer, the vacuum oil filter can also be equipped with acid removal, decolorization and adsorption equipment.

The advantages of vacuum oil filter are as follows:

Advantages: a multi-functional, fully functional. It can not only provide comprehensive process treatment of dehydration, degassing, three groups (coarse, medium and fine) filtration, adsorption and regeneration, but also provide vacuum dehydration and degassing, impurity filtration and regeneration adsorption functions.

Advantages: safe and reliable. The pressure, temperature and liquid level data are clearly displayed, and the machine is automatically controlled. 3. Features: easy to use, economic, low operating costs. Is the same type of grease processing in the same function, performance and easy to use equipment.

Advantages: reasonable design structure. Convenient for mobile use or online use.

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