Oil filter manufacturer introduces oil that can be handled


Oil filter is a general term. In the process of filtration and purification,Plate and frame oil filterPlay the role of filtration, dehydration, degassing, regeneration, etc. The filtered oil meets the equipment use standards and improves the smoothness of the oil. When using the oil filter, you should also understand the usage of the oil filter. During the use of the oil filter, the filter element and filter paper of the oil filter will fail because the oil is too dirty. Therefore, the filter element and filter paper must be replaced every once in a while to ensure its normal operation.

What oil can be processed by the oil filter?

1. Ordinary oil filter can only remove impurities and micro water, such as plate and frame oil filter, portable oil filter, portable oil filter, etc. The oil that can be processed is usually some low viscosity lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, and this kind of equipment can also be used for oiling.

2. Centrifugal oil filter can remove impurities and a small amount of water, such as adding refrigeration oil, quenching oil, cold heading oil, etc. to ordinary oil. This kind of oil filter handles a small amount of oil and has low efficiency.

  3.Vacuum oil filterIt can completely remove water and impurities, such as turbine oil, insulating oil, refrigerating oil and other oils with large water content. For high viscosity oil, or to use a vacuum oil filter. If you use an ordinary oil filter, you should use heating equipment, such as heatingPlate and frame oil filter, Or a composite vacuum oil filter of vacuum oil filter and plate and frame oil filter.

4. The decolorizing oil filter can completely remove moisture and impurities, and the color has changed, but some adsorbents have to be added. At present, the treatment of lubricating hydraulic oil is very mature in these devices.

Filter paper is mainly used for plate and frame oil filter, through the pressure filter oil impurities, filter is a very wide range of oil filter, has a good filtering effect. You can choose the accuracy of the filter element according to the particle size of impurities. As long as you correctly understand the oil situation and choose the oil filter and filter element, the oil filter will get twice the result with half the effort.

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