Vacuum oil filter has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy to move, low noise


  The characteristics and uses of vacuum oil filter are analyzed as follows:

1. Main purpose

1. It can be used for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment of various oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current and voltage transformers and high-voltage low-oil circuit breakers.

2. It can be used for on-site hot oil circulation drying, especially on-site hot oil circulation drying of oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and high-voltage low-oil circuit breaker.

3. It can be used for on-site vacuum oil filling and oil replenishment of sealed oil immersion equipment, as well as equipment vacuuming.

4. It can also be used for regeneration and purification of slightly deteriorated transformer oil to make its performance reach the standard of qualified oil.

5. It can also be used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemicals, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries.

2.Vacuum oil filterFeatures:

Vacuum oil filter, also known as vacuum effective oil filter, oil filter and vacuum oil purifier. The vacuum oil filter has the characteristics of small size, light specific gravity, convenient movement, low noise, long continuous working time, stable performance and convenient operation. It is an ideal equipment for power plants, power stations, substations, electrical plants, refineries, petrochemicals and other industrial and mining enterprises to filter transformer oil, turbine oil, oil below 40#, hydraulic oil and other oil moisture, gas, and impurity particles.

1. Small size and light weight.

2. The tubular rotary injector adopts vacuum oil inlet to reduce resistance, accelerate rotation speed and improve oil and gas separation effect.

3. The regeneration and purification function of metamorphic oil is added, and the silica gel oil purification system is added to combine silica gel oil purification with impurity filtration. After the slightly deteriorated transformer oil is filtered out of impurities, it is adsorbed and regenerated by a silicone oil purifier to reach the standard of qualified oil.

There are two filtering methods: one is the traditional oil filtering method-filter paper as the filter medium; the other is a special fine filter element that does not require filter paper as the oil filtering medium.

According to the different principles of the oil filter, it can be divided:

Plate and frame oil filter, vacuum oil filter, coalescence sedimentation oil filter, centrifugal separation oil filter, electrostatic adsorption oil filter, etc.

ZTS integrated purification equipment, stainless steel oil filter, automatic slag oil filter, bag oil filter

According to the different functions of the oil filter, it can be divided:

1. FiltrationPlate and frame oil filterOil filter for filtering impurities such as oil tankers

ZLA series effectiveTwo-stage vacuum oil filter

ZLA series effective two-stage vacuum oil filter, automatic drain oil filter, bag oil filter.

2. oil filter to filter impurities, moisture, gas, such as vacuum oil filter, bag filter.

3. reduce the color of the oil and regenerate the oil filter. Such as vibration slag decolorization oil filter, automatic slag filter, etc.

The 4. includes the above functions, and the filtered product passes the new oil standard (GB) qualified oil filter. For example, the ZTS integrated purifier.

commonly used oil filter machine has:

  Portable oil filterBLYJ Series

LYC-C Series

Mobile oil filter with fuel tank LYC-CL series

Explosion-proof oil filter vehicle

LYC-B series high precision oil filter

LYC-A series free-moving oil filter

ZLYC vacuum oil filter

LYC coalescence dehydration oil filter-J

LYC-G series high solid content oil filter

GLYC series high viscosity oil filter

Keywords: Vacuum oil filter has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy to move, low noise