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Insulating oil filter   Transformer oil filter   Turbine oil filter   Lubricating oil filter   Hydraulic oil filter   Dry air generator   Air handling equipment   Oil filter accessories



Bao filter brand participates in the top ten brand vacuum oil filter industry voting activities
Sichuan Bao Filter Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. has settled in the top ten brand networks and participated in the voting activities of the vacuum oil filter industry.
Our products have achieved the "going out" strategy and successfully cooperated with the North Korean power grid.
Our transformer oil double-stage vacuum oil filter is suitable for deep purification treatment of high-grade new oil,
New Zealand customers visit our company to inspect our waste oil recovery equipment
New Zealand is very concerned about the recycling and recycling of used oil. New Zealand now has three regenerative plants,
Bao filter oil filter machine cooperates with China Railway 15th Bureau to “protect and escort” the hydraulic system of Chengdu
The fifth tender of the first phase of the project was won by the China Railway 15th Bureau.
Introduction to Transformer Oil Filtration
Main features: The whole machine design is user-friendly, and the operation is simple and convenient.


Our company's TYG series vacuum oil filter machine was successfully commercialized in Jilin Chemical Fiber Group
Jilin Chemical Fiber Group is a national large-scale chemical fiber comprehensive enterprise integrating chemical fiber and textile yarn production, commercial trade and construction and installation.
Bao filter source high-efficiency two-stage vacuum oil filter successfully commercialized in Guangxi Power Grid Chuzhou 220KV ma
The 220 kV Luzhou Substation of Guangxi Power Grid is located in the hills on the northeast corner of the middle of the Tengxian Ceramic Industrial Park,
The ZYD series of our company succeeded in dehydrogenation and deacetylation of transformer oil in Hongye Power Plant of Aba Pre
After a period of operation of the transformer oil of Aba Prefecture Hongye Power Plant, hydrogen and acetylene exceeded the standard seriously.
Our company TYA series hydraulic oil vacuum oil filter machine successfully commercialized in Phoenix Group
The hydraulic oil emulsified and deteriorated seriously. After filtering through our TYA series hydraulic oil vacuum oil filter, this problem was solved.